If you submitted your request with the details needed, please allow a response time between 24-48 Hours, if I am available for your request. Some screening information take longer to verify, some are easily verifiable.

If you do not submit any information, you will not be getting a response at all or redirected back to my website.

Meet Expectations

 We are meeting to enjoy each other’s company, before physically meeting and during the meet I have a few things to point out.

1. Mutual respect and courtesy.

2.  When preparing for the meet grooming is not required, but is appreciated.

3.  If you think that you may want to extend our date, please make sure that you are able to provide additional donation.

Please refer to the link for a detailed list of expectations.



 Please do not ask if my rates are negotiable, i do not offer any discounts, nor do I appreciate you attempting to barter with me about our meet.

Please do not ask me for dinner, lunch, to hang out, etc or any form of “off the clock” time without compensation. I offer dates of various varieties so we can enjoy as much time as possible together. If you are interested in something more exclusive, please inquire about arrangements.


Explicit, vulgar, and poorly-written emails will be automatically deleted and not answered. Please be respectful when trying to contact me and do not ask for inappropriate content such as personal photos/selfies or dirty talk. I do not respond to emails without substance. Sending “are you available now” or any variation of that sentence will be ignored. If you are inquiring about meeting, please do so properly and complete the reservation form. If you are sincerely interested but have questions before meeting, please all questions you have in the first email you send. 

Donation Handling


I accept cash only. Deposits for cancellations, extended dates, and travel companionship will require a deposit via wire transfer, Cashapp, and/or other methods. Alternative payment methods such as wire transfers and deposits may be required for securing longer dates.



Screening is mandatory for all first time clients. This is to insure a safe and comfortable experience. I will request to see a government issued ID when we meet in person.

I understand that your privacy is also important and make it my top priority. Please be assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion. NDA’s will be signed upon request.

All information collected is used for screening only. After you Submit your information it will be sent directly to me. i do not share your information with anyone, it is deleted after we have met.

   Please fill out as much as possible for faster screening so we can get acquainted. This is for my safety. I have to be careful who I see. Your information will not be disclosed to anyone, 100% discreet. 

Please note, you will be thoroughly screened. I will check all reference types. The two reputable providers will be contacted so please include all information requested. The references must not be more than 3 months old, please include their phone number, email, and a link to the providers website (twitter or online advertisement.)

For those of you with no previous providers, please leave your employment information, company's website address and your job number and extension. Please also include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

Booking Form

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