It is no coincidence that you are here, you were drawn to me, led by your desire for something sweet, that will appease your sensual appetite. What is it that you crave? A delectable treat that has your mouth watering in anticipation for that oh so satisfying first taste. Your appetite can only be quenched by a woman of my caliber. Come with me to my land of sinfully delicious treats. 


Who is Kalyce Amour

 Hello Gentlemen, I welcome you to my page of sugar-coated wonders. I am your divine hostess Kalyce Amour. I am a woman like no other, a delightful paradox, an enchantress, and purveyor of delight. I live in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by my connections with people. I absolutely love exploring and experimenting in different aspects of my life. I am a curious, imaginative, and passionate being. I have a huge sweet tooth which gets me into a lot of trouble sometimes. I'm infatuated with all things sweet, which would explain how I am attracted to a sweet gentleman like yourself. I am also an introvert by nature. I am soft-spoken and delicate, warm, kind-hearted, and sensitive to others. The are times where I would love nothing more than to experience a genuine connection with someone. I take great pride in knowing I can make people feel like I'm someone they've known forever, even if just for a moment. Regardless of what paradoxical state I am in, I always have a relaxed, non-judgmental attitude, and will truly enjoy our time together. It is the best of both worlds. I am a woman that is an adventurous introvert, it is easy for me to blend in or stand out. I am a true delicacy. 

My Ideal Gentleman

The type of Gentleman that I am attracted to  is a discerning fun-loving man who knows what he wants. You value honesty, discretion, and integrity, and you appreciate a woman who values the same. Your demeanor shows that you are driven but also you are able to let your guard down and are willing to have some fun with me. You are the type of gentleman who is adventurous, funny, respectful, charming, generous, and well spoken. You want to live your life with passion and excitement. You prefer to establish a genuine connection with a compassionate, warm, and enthusiastic woman. You want to spend time with someone who can hold an intellectually stimulating conversation with you, can make you laugh, and be with you without any hassle or misgivings. You can be comfortable with me in any social situation, but will be eager for when the time comes to be alone with me in private. You don’t see meeting me as just a random encounter, you crave a genuine connection with a young woman who desires to give you undivided attention and affection and make a memory that will last.


The moment you set eyes on me, you realize my photographs did not do me justice. My petite yet athletic frame catches your attention and you cannot draw away your gaze. You notice the glow of my smooth mocha skin and how I carry myself with grace in every breath that I take. Standing at 5’ 8” my long legs seem to go on for miles, they lead your attention to the curves of my body. You can tell I stay fit, and that the gym is part of my daily routine, but it is also obvious that I don’t say no to desserts. My firm round bottom, slim waist, and bust, which is a natural and soft 34C leaves you drinking in every detail of my body. Your gaze reaches my full luscious lips, you can’t help but to think what it would like to feel them, to kiss them. How soft they are, so inviting and enticing, the feel of them would send your mind into a sensual state of intoxication. Then our eyes meet and you stare deeply into my eyes. They are the color of hot chocolate, filled with warmth and passion, they hold a mischievous glint similar to that of a temptress. I greet you with a kittenish grin and you know that you’re in for a memorable experience.

More About Me



 AGE: early 20s

 HEIGHT: 5'8 

WEIGHT: 140lbs



PIERCINGS: ears and navel 



  • I absolutely love sweets. I'm will never turn down frozen yogurt.
  • I love the smell of new books.
  • I love socks, thigh highs, and  sexy stockings.