Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you cover your face in photos?

 My photographs are edited to protect my identity. I have chosen to cover my face and remove any identifying tattoos in order to keep my "everyday life" and time my time with you separate.  I value discretion and I'm sure you do as well. 

How do we meet?

 For meeting I prefer outcalls.

When coming to you a will only meet at upscale 4 or 5 star hotels and residences.

Please fill out all the screening information here.

Let's Meet

How will you be dressed for our dates?

I will dress to match the occasion. I don't dress skimpy or wear anything that is too flashy. I am comfortable in casual wear or dressing up.  I pride myself on being discrete.

Also, I would like to match your attire, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I'm not in LA, could you travel to me?

 I prefer to meet in LA, but I am available for travel depending on my schedule. Please contact me with your plans. I would love to join you for special events or other date ideas that will be a fun experience.

If you have any questions about this, please email me.

Cancellation Policy

 I understand is something does come up and we are unable to meet.

Please keep in mind my CANCELLATION POLICY

Please respect my time and let me know 24 hours prior to our scheduled meeting, if you will be needing to cancel. Any meetings canceled after the window of opportunity will expect a 50% Cancellation Fee.

No Calls/No Shows will be Blacklisted.

If I must cancel, you will be notified prior to 24 hours of our time together. 


 Communication is key.

When booking a date, please keep in mind that we both have busy personal lives outside of the time that we scheduled to be together.

I understand is something does come up and we are unable to meet.

Do you have a "menu" of what you offer?

I do not offer prostitution services so I do not have a “menu of services”. I strictly offer companionship services. With that being said, any money exchanged is for time and companionship only; no other services are intended or implied. 

Do you see women or couples?

Absolutely, I adore women. I love being part of their adventure whether it is their first time or if they have done this before.  

I am also couple friendly . Please note that couple bookings require a 2 hour minimum and include an additional charge ($200).   

Professional gallery photos done by: mjlewisphotography