Expectations/ Additional Information

In Case...

 Running Late

If you will be late to our meeting, please let me know as soon as possible. I will attempt to give you the full length of time you requested but I may have other obligations to attend to. Communication is very important!

Leaving Early

If you must end our time together prematurely (although, I hope you don't need to!), the full fee is still required. I saved this time for you.

Upon Arrival

 In public please put the donation in a gift bag or a greeting card placed on the table. 

For outcalls, please have the donation in an envelope on the bathroom counter when I arrive as I will not ask for it.

For incalls, please place the donation in clear view when you walk into the appointment as I will not ask for it.

I will not take the donation directly from you. Please do not discuss anything about money or services.

Personal Hygiene

 Hygiene is very important. Whether you have showered or not before the appointment, please excuse yourself to the restroom to clean and freshen up. If you have showered before, I still ask that you wash your hands before our time together. 

Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking

 I understand that some may indulge in drugs or alcohol but I am not one of them. I kindly ask you to not consume any type of drugs or drink excessively during our time together as that it will dampen our encounter. If you become intoxicated or consume drugs during our time together our date will promptly end and no refunds will be given.

Please do not smoke when we are together since I am not a fan of the odor or taste. This applies to both cigarettes and 4/20. I kindly ask you to use mouthwash or gum prior to our fun if you smoked prior to our meeting.



Photos and videos are not allowed at any time and all phones or video recording devices must be placed out of sight. 

I understand that your privacy is also important and make it my top priority. Please be assured that your information will be handled with the utmost discretion. NDA’s will be signed upon request.



I reserve the right to end our time together should I feel uncomfortable in any way during our date.

I have a zero-disrespect policy and if I feel disrespected in any way by you, I reserve my right to leave the appointment.

Special Request

  I would love to fulfill any special requests you may have in mind for our time together! If you are enticed by one of my lingerie sets, think a pair of heels looks irresistible, or perhaps have a specific scenario that gets your heart rate up, please do let me know! If I do not have a specific outfit to fulfill your request you are more than welcome to purchase it for me and have me model it for you.